Laser Technologies in Welding and Materials Processing - 2005

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Laser Technologies in Welding and Materials Processing
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Сборник трудов Второй международной конференции 23-27 May, 2005, vil. Katsiveli, Crimea, Ukraine (2005) «Laser Technologies in Welding and Materials Processing». Kiev: E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, NASU.

The book contains papers presented at the Second International Conference «Laser Technologies in Welding and Materials Processings covering the latest achievements in the field of laser welding, cutting, surfacing and other advanced processes of laser machining of materials. Prospects of application of laser technologies are considered. Authors of the papers are the known specialists from many countries all over the world.

Kovalenko V.S. Laser Technology in Medicine and Medical Instrumentation Manufacturing 7
Albert F., Grimm A., Kageler C. and Schmidt M. Laser-Based Welding and Brazing in Automotive Production Е Investigations to Reduce Failures and Imperfections 11
Allas A., Kudryavtsev A., Mileniky M., Saprykin L. and Novosadov V. Influence of Pulse Shape on Modes of Laser Welding of Titanium, Stainless Steel and Aluminium Alloys 16
Devoino O.G., Kardapolova M.A., Krivtsun I.V., Borisov Yu.S., Shelyagin V.D., Bushma A.I., Khaskin V.Yu., Bernatsky A.V., Voinarovich S.G., Kislitsa A.N. and Kuzmich-Yanchuk E.K. Structure and Microhardness of Coatings of High-Chromium Cast Iron Powder in Hybrid Spraying and Plasma Spraying with Subsequent Laser Glazing 19
Dzhemelinsky V.V., Golovko L.F., Goncharuk O. and Kaglyak O. Laser Sintering of Composites Using the Energy of Ultrasonic Oscillations 24
Golovko L., Lukyanenko S., Rahmani Mohsen, Soroshenko V., Krasavin A., Lutay A. and Borkovski V. Opportunities for Thin Discs Rigidity Management by Means of Laser Heating of Discrete Surface Zones 27
Golovko L., Roman V., Kanso Z. and Salavati H. Laws of Laser Radiation Absorption with Biological Bodies 33
Golovko L.F, Skuratovskij A.K., Serditov A.T., Klyuchnikov Y.V., Salavati H. and Hagherizadeh M. Increase of Tribotechnical Characteristics of Friction Surfaces by Selective Laser Cladding 38
Golubev V.S., Grezev A.N. and Grezev N.V. Deep Penetration of High-Power CW CO2-Laser Beam into Liquids 43
Goncharuk O.O., Golovko L.F., Kovalenko V.S., Kaglyak O.D., Novikov N.V., Shepelev A.A. and Sorochenko V.G. Application of Laser Irradiation for Sintering of Cubic Boron Nitride Composites 47
Grden M., Pretorius Th., Woitschig J. and Vollertsen F. Fast Simulation of Thermal Bending Using Thermal and Mechanical Boundary Conditions 52
Grezev A.N. Mechanism of Cavity and Weld Pool Formation in Laser Welding 55
Haferkamp H., Meier O., Boese B., Bach F.-W., Mohwald K. and Hollander U. Hot Cracks in Pulsed Laser Beam Welds of Cr-Ni-Alloyed Steels: Detection Methods and Prevention by Using Predeposited Plasma Spray Layers 58
Hoesslbarth U. Laser Technology in the Automotive Manufacturing 64
Hoshovskiy S. and Sirotenko P. Laser Drilling and Perforating Oil and Gas Wells Becoming the Reality 67
Jianhua Yao, Chunyan Yu, Qunli Zhang, Xiaodong Hu, Chenghua Lou and Kovalenko V.S. Research on Laser Remanufacturing of Steam Turbine Blades 71
Kaglyak O.D., Golovko L.F., Goncharuk O.O. and Kovalenko V.S. Controlled Deformation of Sheet Metal with Dual-Beam Laser Heating 76
Kirichenko V., Gryaznov N. and Krivtsun I. Facility for Research on Hybrid Welding Processes at Combination of Pulsed Microplasma and Laser Beam with Controllable Pulse Shape 79
Kolodziejczak P. and Kalita W. Quality Assessment of Laser-Welded Joints of Die-Cast Magnesium Alloys 84
Kozyrev O., Romanenko V. and Kovalenko V. Model of Energy Transfer of Pulsed Laser Beam 89
Krivtsun I.V., Shelyagin V.D., Khaskin V.Yu., Shulym V.F., Lukashenko A.G., Ternovyi E.G., Siora O.V. and Chizhskaya T.G. Investigation of Hybrid Laser-Plasma Processes of Welding of Aluminium Alloys and Stainless Steels 92
Makhnenko V.I. and Milenin A.S. Application of Mathematical Modeling to Optimize the Process of Laser Brazing-Welding of Dissimilar Titanium-Aluminium Elements of Passenger Airliner Structures 95
Mayorov V.S. Role of Capillary Thermo-Concentration Instability in Laser-Induced Processes of Heat and Mass Transfer 102
Mayorov V.S., Evseev A.V., Kamaev S.V., Mikhaylov A.P., Khoroshev M.V., Kurkov V.M. and Velyzhev A.B. Laser Stereolithography Е a New Method of Making Relief Maps from Photogrammetric Data 107
Mayorov V.S. and Mayorov S.V. Decision Support Systems for Optimization of Laser Materials Processing 110
Pokhmurska H., Wielage B., Podlesiak H., Grund Th., Hoenig T., Matthes K.-J., Student M., Chervinska N. and Zadorozhna H. Wear and Corrosion Properties of the SiC Reinforced Surface Layers in Magnesium and Aluminium Alloys Obtained by Laser Melt Injection 112
Romanenko V., Anyakin M. and Zhuk R. Peculiarities of Gas-Assisted Laser Cutting of Thick Metal Sheets 116
Rozman R., Govekar E. and Grabec I. Modeling of Plasma Shielding Phenomena 119
Shelyagin V.D., Khaskin V.Yu., Bernatsky A.V., Pereverzev Yu.N. and ChizhskayaT.G. Investigation of Peculiarities of Processes for Laser-Assisted Deposition of Amorphous and Fine-Crystalline Layers on Steels 123
Turichin G., Lopota V., Valdaitseva E., Zemliakov E. and Bulkin Yu. Peculiarity of Phase Transformation Kinetics and Control of Material Microstructure Formation During Laser Hybrid Welding 126
Turichin G., Valdaitseva E., Pozdeeva E., Dilthey U. and Gumeniuk A. Theoretical Investigation of Stability of Molten Pool for High Speed Welding with Deep Penetration and Superficial Welding Using High Power Density Heat Source 131
Zhuk R., Anyakin M., Kondrashev P., Stepura O., Muckhoid O. and Kovalenko V. Study of Assist Gas Flow in Tube Workpiece in Laser Cutting 136

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